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What Is The Winter Fuel Payment ?

The Winter Fuel Payment is a fantastic grant from the government that helps the elderly with a one off payment each year to help pay for their heating bills.

This heating allowance for over 60s has been very helpful to many pensioners to reduce their heating bills since its inception in 1997

As the name implies, it is usually paid each winter.

How Much Is The Winter Fuel Payment?

You could get a tax-free payment between £100 and £300 to help pay your heating bills.

 To be eligible, you need to have been born on or before the qualifying date.

This scheme is also known as a ‘Winter Fuel Allowance’, Winter Fuel Payment or Heating Allowance , Help to heat scheme.

These payments were brought in to help alleviate fuel poverty.

Other fuel poverty grants have since been brought in as there are over 10000 deaths per year in the winter due to people not being able to afford to heat their house.

When Do I Get My Winter Heating Allowance?

Most payments are made automatically between November and January.

You should get your money by 13 January 2022.

 Any money you get is tax-free and won’t affect your other benefits.

Who is Eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment?

You qualify for a Winter Fuel Payment if both the following apply:

  • you were born on or before 26 September 1955
  • you lived in the UK for at least one day during the week of 20 to 26 September 2021
  • This is called the ‘qualifying week’

Who Is Not Eligible For A Winter Payment?

You won’t be able to claim the Winter Fuel Payment if, during the qualifying week:

  • You were in prison.
  • You were in hospital getting  treatment for more than 52 weeks.
  • You had lived in a care home for the previous 12 weeks or more and got certain types of benefits.
  • You were living abroad.

Do Pensioners Get The Winter Fuel Allowance Automatically?

Yes if you have received it in previous years. If this is your first time, you must make an application for it.

Are There Any Other Winter Payments Pensioners Can Claim?

Do check if you are entitled to the other schemes as below as you could be entitled to up to £440 per year.

The Warm Home Discount

 Cold Weather Payment

You May Be Eligible For A Fuel Poverty Grant For Free Heating & Insulation Too

How Do I make A Claim For The Winter Fuel Payment?

You can claim The Winter Fuel Payment by phone or by post.

Winter Fuel Payment Helpline

0191 218 7777 or  0800 731 0160

Winter Fuel Payment Email Address

How Much Is The Winter Fuel Payment?

The Payment depends on your circumstances during the qualifying week which for

 winter 2021 to 2022 is 20 to 26 September 2021.

Born between 27 September 1941 and 26 September 1955Born on or before 26 September 1941
You qualify and live alone (or none of the people you live with qualify)£200£300
You qualify and live with someone under 80 who also qualifies£100£200
You qualify and live with someone 80 or over who also qualifies£100£150
You qualify, live in a care home and do not get certain benefits£100£150

Does The Warm Home Discount affect Winter Fuel Payment?

Pensioners claiming the Warm Home Discount will not be penalised as this scheme does not affect your Cold Weather Payment or Winter Fuel Payment.

You can claim both if you are found to be eligible.

What Other Grants Are Available

Please see our video on Fuel Poverty Grants

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