7 Things You Should Know About Storage Heater Grants

7 things you should know about Storage heater Grants

Are your electric storage heaters old, expensive to run and/or completely broken down?

Are you struggling to find the money you need to keep your heating on during cold days ?

Do you dread your electric bill coming in every winter?

A free grant from the government to replace them could be the answer. 

Do You Qualify For Free Storage Heaters?

Eco 3 Grants
Eco 3 Grants

If you qualify for a free Storage Heater grant under the ECO 3 scheme, you will receive up to 4 brand new high heat retention storage heaters fully fitted with a 5 year warranty for 100% FREE!

These new storage heaters which will be more energy efficient and will result in cheaper bills for you – by up to £ 40 a month if you’re replacing 20 year old heaters which are notoriously expensive to run.

Reduced carbon emissions which is good for the planet is also a good reason to apply.

Is There a Catch For Free Storage Heater Grants ?

Top 5 Insulation Grants 2021
Top 5 Insulation Grants 2021

Since the ECO scheme launched in 2013 people up and down the country have been able to enjoy brand new heaters, free insulation, and reduced bills.

There is no catch and you either qualify or you dont!

In a nutshell, if you’re on specific benefits and meet set criteria, there’s grant out there with your name on it for new storage heaters.

Apply today as it will cost you nothing!

What Are Grants For Economy 7 Heaters / Storage Heaters ? 

In 2013 the government launched the Energy Company Obligation (often shortened to just ECO) scheme to help the growing number of families on low incomes who can’t afford to adequately heat their homes with old, inefficient and faulty electric heaters and by improving insulation. 

The scheme gives out non repayable grants to all successful applicants that meet the criteria so nothing needs to be repaid now or in the future.

Around half a million households have already benefited from this fantastic Storage Heater replacement scheme. Your household could be one of them too.

Is there such a thing as a Free Storage Heater grant?

Absolutely . As some one who has worked on this scheme for over 9 years, I can vouch for it 100%


1 ) Only homeowners and private tenants who receive certain benefits can apply for a storage heater grant.

If you are renting and need to replace your HEATERS but cannot afford to, you should APPLY TODAY

2) Storage heater are only available to homeowners and private tenants (who have their landlord’s permission) who receive specific benefits and meet the eligibility criteria which is very strict.

For example, pensioners need to be in receipt of Pension Guarantee Credit; a state pension alone will not be enough.

If you receive Child Benefit, you will be asked more questions about your living situation and income to check if you qualify or not.

3) The ECO scheme is funded by the Big Six energy providers.

These companies risk massive fines if they don’t meet carbon emissions targets set by the government as they have a legal obligation to provide support and take part in ECO.

4) The ECO scheme also offers insulation grants to help low income households reduce heat loss, improve energy efficiency and reduce their heating bills even further.


From initial contact to the day of installation the whole process could take 2-3 months, depending on the company carrying out the boiler grant installation.

After you’ve completed our online form we will need to give you a quick call to confirm that you meet all the necessary criteria.

It will only take a few moments to assess your eligibility,

6) The ECO scheme has limited funding available

7 ) ECO is only available in England, Scotland and Wales.

If you live in Northern Ireland there is an alternative scheme called Warm Homes Grants.




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