Government Grants For Storage Heaters [Updated Dec 2021]

Government Grants For Storage Heaters

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By Carlo Lega – Updated May 2021

This is the ultimate guide to Replacing Economy 7 Night Storage Heaters with Grants From The Government.

If you are looking to upgrade your old electric storage heaters via a grant or private purchase or just for general information. You’ll love this guide.


In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

  • What Are Storage Heaters and how they work?
  • Off Peak Energy Explained
  • Costs to run and Safety Tips
  • Pros and cons of Storage Heaters.
  • Grants For Storage Heaters

What Are Storage Heaters and how do they work?

Storage heaters are electric heaters that store thermal energy by heating up internal ceramic bricks (effectively, ‘charging’ like a very large rechargeable battery) during the night when electric is at its cheapest.

Storage heaters are primarily designed for customers to benefit from off peak energy which is used to charge up these heaters on a nightly basis.

This stored heat is then released throughout the day.

Storage heaters are usually the best option for households not connected to the gas grid and need to use electricity as a heat source.

How long does the heat usually last?

Typically, a storage heater will lose most of its stored heat over 12 hours.

But you can control when the heat is released by selecting a tariff and adjusting the storage heater’s controls.

Are Storage Heaters Cheap To Run ?

Storage heaters use off-peak electricity which is supplied from the national grid to your house, usually overnight when demand for electricity nationally is low.

It makes good economic sense for storage heaters to be charged up at this time hence the term night time storage heaters.

What Is Off Peak Energy ?

 Many energy suppliers offer significant discounts on the use of electricity at night time as demand for power is significantly reduced.

This is called the ‘off-peak’ period and the companies reduce the cost of power between midnight and 7am.

What Off Peak Tariffs Are available

The “Economy 7” tariff is the most well-known. Economy 10 is another one.

You get one meter which has two rates.

You pay normal prices during the day, but cheaper rates for seven hours during the night (usually 12pm-7am).

What is the most economical storage heater?

New Heaters have a minimum energy efficiency rating

From 1 January 2018, all newly manufactured storage heaters must have certain features so that they comply with Lot20, part of the European Eco-design Directive.

All new electric storage heaters must meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of 38% for a heat output above 250W.

To meet this all new heaters have:

  • Digital programmers
  • Open window sensors
  • Electronic room temperature controls
  • Wi-fi controls

How Are Storage Heaters Controlled?

Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

Thermostatic controls:

New heaters have thermostatic controls, which will get the room heated to your chosen temperature

Remote controls: some models can be controlled via remote or from your smart phone over wi-fi

What features do modern heaters have?

By Switching to a modern storage heater you will save up to 27% on running costs compared to traditional storage heaters.

  • Modern heaters have the ability to store just the right amount of energy to heat a room so no electricity is wasted.
  • Fan-assisted to quickly, quietly and more effectively distribute heat
  • Programmable room temperatures with timer profiles to save different settings for different days
  • Holiday mode to avoid spending money on heating empty rooms
  • LCD displays to make programming easy

Storage Heater Running Costs.

The cost of running a storage heater depends on a range of different factors, including:

  • Room size and size and number of windows in the room.
  • The insulation in your home
  • The age and  type of glazing of your windows
  • The temperature you are comfortable with
  • The severity of the weather in your area

Safety Tips For Storage Heaters

  • Never cover any air vents on your storage heaters
  • Avoid placing anything flammable near your storage heater
  • Ensure a gap of at least 16cm exists between your curtains and the top of your heater
  • Install a storage heater guard to protect children
  • Make sure your storage heaters are installed by a qualified electrician

Pros of storage heaters

Siting Of Heaters – They are easy to install, can be situated anywhere that electricity can be wired.  so they are more flexible and can be installed in many more situations than traditional radiators as there is no pipe work involved.

Maintenance Free – Heaters are relatively maintenance free as they have no moving parts or liquids and they tend to have a longer life-span than traditional heating methods.

Space Saving –Modern storage heaters are very different to the old systems people               may remember. Slimmer designs and advanced technologies are now the order of the day.

Fan Assisted – Modern heaters installed as part of the ECO scheme are now fan assisted and instead of releasing it by convection, a silent fan extracts cool air from the room and converts it to hot air through a vent and are usually controlled by thermostat.

Cheaper To Run  – compared to panel heaters and are programmable and are exceptionally quiet, even those that use a fan.

Cons of storage heaters

  • more expensive than gas, so are typically only used by households that are off the gas grid.
  • excess stored  heat can lead to overheated rooms.
  • Can run out of heat by early evening

Free Grants To Replace Storage Heaters

Under the Government Green Homes Grant Scheme / Eco Scheme You Could Be Eligible For a Grant. Please See Our Free Storage Heaters Grants Page Here

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