ECO 3 Grants – Diary Sept 5 2021

Gov Uk Grants- Diary Sept 5 2021

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Another month rolled by in Eco. What is there to report this time?

Quiet On The Home Front.

I and others in the Eco 3 industry are still reporting how quiet the industry is at the moment.

I can’t see why this is , but the Green Homes Grant Scheme Fiasco may have knocked consumer confidence in government schemes and Joe public is ever more sceptical.

I am getting enquiries from installers for leads but I am unable to supply due to reduced lead volume.

Never mind, roll on winter.

Google Very Happy.

People are still searching on Google Ads for The Green Deal Grant Scheme but don’t seem to be as active in applying these days. Indeed I have noticed that some installers have also upped their bids on certain keywords in a desperate way to attract more business and traffic.

Some keywords such as “who qualifies for a Eco boiler grant “was showing at over £13 per click earlier this week!

For those who don’t know how Google Pay per Click Ads work………………….. You place ads on Google and if people click your advert it takes them to your website where hopefully they will fill in an application form for a measure they are interested in.

You pay for each click irrespective of whether the client becomes a lead or not so can quickly burn your cash.

Other popular keywords such as boiler grants, storage heater grants, showing at £3 + per click which is a big increase on pre covid levels.

No wonder Google is smiling.:)

Pas 2035 Is Coming

July 1 the long awaited Pas 2035 kicks in and promises to disrupt the Eco industry with its new retro fit measures.

 For those unaware, new ventilation measures will be required for every install to include trickle vents in windows as well as new fans fitted in bathrooms and kitchens. There are also a big number of other compliance issues that installers will need to fulfil in order to get paid.

A lot of the industry are quite worried about this and I myself can see at least a 25% drop off in installs.

Not a good idea for volume at the moment and I can see a few rats leaving the sinking ship.

£50 Argos Voucher

I have made up a leaflet to publicise a £50 Argos gift voucher which a couple of installers are going to trial in order to win some high profit jobs.

A few times clients have had surveys and then not proceeded to go ahead with installs which is very frustrating for the installer who has shelled out for surveys etc. The coming retrofit survey will be another added cost too.

For high profit jobs such as electric insulation, etc., the voucher may be the thing that secures the job in the bag so I feel this will be a success. 

A small carrot to secure a job worth thousands of £ in profit to an installer will be successful I believe.

Keep you posted.

 Volume For The Eco 3 Grants Scheme

It is very difficult to build up volume in the Eco Scheme for lead installs and in spite of installer promises of 5 per week (blah blah blah ) I do find that if you do try to build momentum , you will be disapointed.

Gone are the days when you could get 5 -10 installs per week and I do find that if you put more than 3 leads with an installer, instead of being fitted quickly……………they will sit on the spreadsheet

Very strange but the more leads you supply, the less get fitted.

After 8 years experience in Eco I do laugh now when discussing install volumes with new installers and have a VERY large pinch of salt to hand lol

New Eco Leads Supplier

Happy to publicise Lead Locker run by nice guy Chris Mc Fee who is offering Eco Leads that include Dual Measures on very favourable terms.

Lead gens can also sell their leads on this platform too.

Decent guy in Eco and worth trying him out if you are looking for good quality leads.

Link Here

Warm Front / Eco Grant Repay Grants?

I seem to be getting 1 or calls a week from clients worried that the Warm Front grant they received years ago, will become repayable at some point. Also the Eco 3 Grant Scheme is getting attention too.

 I always try to reassure that the grant would have been 100% free with any contribution being required at the point of receipt.

As solicitors are now charging extra for drawing up an indemnity contract for boilers received on the scheme, I think these calls will escalate.

I will have to change the name of my business from Warm Front UK or employ a telephone assistant full time to deal with these enquiries!


I had an installer call me to discuss a possible new relationship.

 He was particularly proud of telling me about the NVQs he and his staff were in possession of.

He quite happy until I told him the official definition of NVQ……………… Not Very Qualified ! lol

Client Of The Month

 1 lady called me to ask if I could help her with her boiler application.

Apparently an installer had booked her for survey and had promised her a Worcester Bosch boiler & insulation for free.

She wasn’t very happy to hear that she would only be receiving an Ideal boiler. She did not like being misled and could I guarantee her a Worcester?

Er no!    

The cheek of some people that the world owes a living to! J

Eco Trader Alerts

Unfortunately there still is a need for these in ECO and I will continue to publicise people on Linked In who are DELIBERATELY TRYING TO CHEAT genuine people out of money.

 2 Common Areas of concern are usually :

  1. Asking for payment for leads upfront and then not delivering.
  2. Taking and installing leads and then not paying.

Recent Alerted Traders To Avoid

 Sahil Khan in India

 Alerted by Usha Shaw for non-payment of leads.

Carl Hicks – Ecological Energy Based in North East

Alerted by myself for non-payment for installed HHCRO boiler leads.

Currently taking court action via a debt recovery agent.

Very determined non payer. Avoid at all costs.

Free Eco Grants Available

Free Storage Heaters

Free Home Insulation

Free First Time Central Heating

Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

Thanks For Viewing.

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