ECO 3 Grants – Journal Sept 26 2021

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Another month gone by and a lot nearer to Xmas too,

What has happened in the very turbulent world of ECO grants


A lot of installers are up in arms about the proposed new rule by Ofgem / BEIS who wish to rule that 100 % of the property must now be insulated to qualify for funding.

This will mean taking out a whole kitchen and then reinstating it after the insulation is fitted. L

My thoughts

  1. Most clients will not agree to this MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE.
  2. This will put an extra £2000 + onto the costs for removal and refitting
  3. This will add a few days to the job too.
  4. I don’t think IWI is a good idea for bathrooms either and mould will soon start growing too.

Another good industry will be thrown onto the scrapheap is this rule is allowed.

Multiple Boiler Grant  Application?

I had a lead land at 1.24 pm and dutifully passed it to an installer for immediate actioning.

Half hour later the installer notified me that they had just spoken to the rather irate client who stated that an installer had already been round and done a survey last week.


The joys of working in Eco and having to deal with people who think it is ok to waste their time and other people’s livelihood.

I did send them a polite email asking them to be more considerate in future.


Storage Heater Grant Application –  Nearly Caused Fire

I have had 1 applicant for FTCH who previously had Esh fitted on the grant which very nearly caused a fire due probably down to a cowboy fitter and has now had them taken out.

I do have a very good idea who the company was that fitted the heaters and can confirm I am so glad I do not supply them anymore.

Complaints galore and as they never answered their phones, I got all the flak.


Council Disrepair Claim Lead

We had a lead gen post on Linked In last week asking if anyone knew where to place a Council Housing Disrepair Claim lead.

I suggested very helpfully “the dustbin “which is about right for this worthless lead J

Not even a thank you. J

Covid Installers

I do personally know of 3 people in the industry that have tested positive  for Covid and they have had to isolate for the 14 days much to their annoyance.

It is  a bit closer to home unfortunately and very real.

They are all making a good recovery so good luck to them.

Gov Uk Grants –Green Homes Grant

I am hearing quite a few installers are being inundated with telephone enquiries for this new government grant which is interrupting their usual work in ECO .

 I have received a few calls and have now removed my phone number from all my adverts as I will not be getting involved in this scheme as it will be massively oversubscribed with many applications going down.

All the experienced lead gens are agreeing with me on this too.

Leave alone

Client Of The Month

I had 1 applicant for storage heaters by telephone ( avoid telephone leads ) where the client had already got the measurements for his new heaters that he was getting for free, gratis, pay nothing.

He always wanted Dimplex heaters to boot too.

I very politely told him I would be declining his application  as the scheme was not there to be taken advantage of  and he should be grateful for what he gets.

 I received a rather rude voicemail and a threat to report me too.

Horrible man lol

First Time Central Heating Grants

Still getting a massive wait for gas meters to be fitted and I have up to 10 leads still waiting after over 2 months. One has been waiting 3 months now which is a long time to wait to get paid.

Very disappointed in this measure.

First Time Central Heating Grants – Part 2

Apart from the chapter above, I am getting  (on a weekly basis ) people applying for this grant who already have gas heating fitted. They are putting on the form that they have existing electric heating in the hope that they will get a survey so obligating the installer  to fit or he would have wasted his time !:) lol.

Luckily I am good at recognising the type of client and always check the EPC register before allocating.

Nice try Fellas J

Grants Currently Available 2021


FREE REPLACEMENT STORAGE HEATERS – Upgrade from Electric Room Heaters.



BOILER GRANT SCHEME – Contribution required for all applicants

Tip For Winter.

Finally with winter on its way……………….. Do not eat yellow snow !

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