ECO 3 Grants – Journal Sept 2021

ECO 3 Grants – Journal Sept 2021

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Another month rolled by and what has happened in my world?

Eco Boiler Grant Application – Double Booking

A home heating grant applicant for boilers from Derby was surveyed and install booked with a £10 deposit taken.

The engineer turned up with the boiler in van only to find that another installer was already on site and was in the process of fitting the boiler.

Needless to say the engineer having lost a day’s pay due to the client’s disingenuous nature was not too happy.

The contactor too was not too pleased and I believe he will be invoicing the client for survey costs and engineer’s costs too.

Some people have no morals unfortunately and this dreadful lady should have had the decency to cancel instead of messing people’s livelihood about.

I think the deposit amount needs looking at again to prevent a reoccurrence.

Back On The Doors

I went out for the first time in 3 months for a stint on the doors informing clients of the different government home energy saving grants available to them if claiming a benefit.

Surprisingly I got quote a good reception from people who wanted to chat!

I spent 15 minutes with 1 lady who I couldn’t seem to get away from  J .

Lots of people seemed to be glad of a bit of company and I felt very welcomed with 1 client rolling out the red carpet for me! lol ( Only joking )

Picked up 1 boiler grant applicant and 2 Home Insulation Grant application so not too a bad day.

A lot of people have had their boilers done over the last few years so a bit late to the party but they are still out there.

5 Year Old Boilers Exchanged

Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

I am still hearing that 5 year old boilers are being exchanged on the Affordable Warmth Free Boiler Scheme.

 Given that the shelf life of a condensing boiler is around 15 years, I cannot see the logic behind this at all.

Those in large detached properties are changing their perfectly working boiler soley because it is not costing them anything out of their pocket and the government is perfectly happy for this to happen.

Utter madness.

It must be job creation at its finest !

New Boiler For £500 – Not Much Of A Saving?

I had a gentleman apply for a boiler and I quoted him around £ 500 contribution he would have to find.

He was very disappointed with the price and stated that his son in law could get him a boiler for £700. When I pointed out that he would have to pay him a wage to fit it, he went rather quiet and put the phone down on me.


MULTIPLE Applications For Grants

There are quite a few people who apply with a few installers for government grants. I presume to make sure they don’t miss out on a the grant as they feel there will be a lot of people applying or to secure the “ best deal “ even though they are not paying anything.

Whatever the reason, I do feel the best practice is to not have too many leads with 1 installer and get them fitted as soon as possible.

I do try to get my jobs installed within 2 weeks if possible do that I do not lose leads that I have paid for in advertising costs.

Lock down – What Lockdown?

I had quite a few jobs in the system with different installers when the lockdown came into force and expected to relight them when the lockdown was lifted.

I found that quite a few jobs were installed elsewhere (during the lockdown) when I / the installer returned to them which was quite disappointing as many had been surveyed L

Wearing the mask and PPE was not to protect the public but to disguise them so they could carry on installing!


I had a few clients apply for a grant boiler but as they had no benefits they would not qualify so I decided to try and advertise them on Linkedin as ATP leads.

I was looking for a small fee for each one, perhaps £10 to assist with advertising costs.

Quite a bit of interest and found a buyer.

One company contacted me offering to take them for free BUT if the lead converted into a sale , would pay me £20 !

A life changing offer and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity! J

I bet he throws a mean party !

No Benefits Applicants For Government Grants

I don’t know what I have done differently but I seem to be getting a lot of electric heated properties apply for heating & insulation grants WITH NO BENEFITS!

Very strange and this has been happening for the last few weeks.

I know they may qualify for LA Flex but I fear many will go down due to the councils long list of criteria but I will give them a go.

Boiler Duals – Free Boiler & Free Underfloor Insulation

Going against the grain, I am generating dual boiler leads again for UFI / RIR / Cavity for a very enthusiastic installer whose passion ( and  financial assistance ) has kept this campaign going.

Loads of leads are coming on BUT a very poor conversion rate unfortunately.

Solid floors / clients unwilling to have their floor up /  clients only want the boiler but will not pay anything / cavities already done………………the list goes on.

The campaign is paying for itself but it is such a shame to waste qualifying leads on such a SHITE and ill thought out scheme such as the boiler duals.

Green Energy Grants Currently Available 2021


FREE REPLACEMENT STORAGE HEATERS – Upgrade from Electric Room Heaters.



BOILER GRANT SCHEME – Contribution required for all applicants

Thanks for viewing and stay safe.

Carlo Lega Eco Lead Generator

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