Eco 3 Grants -Diary Sept 8 2021

Eco 3 Grants -Diary Sept 8 2021

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Government Funded Grants For Heating & Insulation.

Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

Another episode in the life of a long suffering Eco Lead Generator.

What’s happening these days in the everchanging world of Eco and its government funded grants for heating & Insulation?

Standalone Boiler Grant Funding

Not much around now and I am hearing that those who have it can now name their price for a boiler without the floor being insulated.

Not many people want the floor done but do need the boiler so have to pay up to £999 now. Compare this with 3 years ago when all boilers were free.

I am hearing that there will be some new funding come January and lets hope any new scheme is much fairer with affordable contributions for the fuel poor and they stop changing 5 year old boilers!

Covid Lockdown

Incoming Leads did drop off while the lockdown was on with probably A 33 % reduction in form applications and searches for grants.

What I did notice this time , was that there was the same amount of traffic coming to the website as usual but everyone seemed to be in browse mode only.

This is a tad unfair as my advertising network still want paying for sending me unprofitable non converting traffic. ?

Never mind. Its only cash.

New Look Epc Register

I am not a fan of the new look Epc Register at all. Not as user friendly as the last one and all the info you want to see now has to be hunted for.

Not a good format and you should not fix what is not broke.

Please can we revert back to the old format or have the site professionally designed. Thank you.

Green Homes Grant

I see a lot of people still complaining about the lack of vouchers being sent out on the scheme.

Many installers have done lots of surveys only to find they cannot get installing or earning until they have the golden ticket in their hands.

Unfortunately I did see this coming and I still feel the vouchers will be heavily diluted with many installers being allocated a handful each and many surveys ending up in the bin.

My advice as always after many years’ experience in Eco is

 “ Best to do no work and get paid nothing rather than do work and get paid nothing !”

First Time Central Heating.

I am experiencing very poor conversion rates with this measure with most leads going down.

Indeed it may be easier to find the Loch Ness Monster than finding a FTCH lead that gets installed!

Lots of landlords with electric heated properties are applying, forgetting that there is usually no gas in the street (there is usually a good reason for this ). Also,  if there is a chance of a gas supply, they will need to wait up to 4 months for it to be installed.

It wll be a cold cold Xmas for some applicants unfortunately . L

I currently have around 15 properties that I have been waiting over 2 months and more to be fitted. Not good as installers will only pay on install.

Going forward (If I continue with this measure) I am going to ask for a % fee on successful survey as this situation really is ridiculous to say the least.

8 Years In Eco

I started to get a few of the Linked In Congratulation for my 8 years work anniversary last month.

Has it really been 8 years ?

I can remember when I first started, very wet behind the ears  and  chased very high hanging fruit when I should have left well alone.

I have dealt with the Good, The Bad, And The Ugly in ECO over this time too !!!!

Lots of changes over the past 8 years with many people I have dealt with no longer in the industry ( Not a bad thing too in many cases ! lol )

There is much less advertising on Linked In for Leads these days to I have noticed


NOTE – The gift horse should never be looked at in the mouth

1 ) Landlord Design for Storage Heaters

I had a job go down recently where the landlord had applied for the Landlord Heating & Insulation Grants now being rolled out. He had his Dissy survey and then presented the installer with his design and specifications for his free heaters as well as the new locations too.

I believe the installers response ended in Off. 

Greedy Pig! : )

2 )   8 Storage Heaters Wanted

Another job went down in Manchester where the survey was carried out but the client felt he was entitled to 8 free storage heaters.

Given that each heater costs around £600, the client was expecting £5000 worth for free. I believe the funding would not amount to 50% of this figure.

Rewire Grant

3) I had one bright spark ( forgive the pun ) contact me to see if there was any grants available to assist with the rewiring of his house !

I.m sure this one is in the pipeline and will be available to the whole of the UK soon. Watch this space. ?

Shared Ownership Properties – Eligible Or Not?

I have always shied away from these properties in the past as they did not qualify. Likewise with charity owned properties too which never used to be eligible for grant funding.

However, it seems that times change and shared ownership properties ARE ELIGIBLE.

If you consult the Land Registry and find that premises are subject to a shared ownership arrangement between a private individual and a social landlord, The property will be  considered a private domestic premises even where the individual is a minority shareholder.

Thanks to Jean Goldstraw who posted this on Linked In

Telephone leads – Poor Conversion rate

Energy Grants

You live and die by the business decisions you take

 For my business I dont really want people calling !. I find all leads from phone calls are poor converting as many are phoning around for the best deal even though most of my products are free to qualifying clients.

 For this reason I have removed my phone number from all my adverts as I really cant be bothered with a race to the bottom.

 Maybe everyone should look at how phone leads convert ?

Gov UK Grants Available

Grants Currently Available 2021


FREE REPLACEMENT STORAGE HEATERS – Upgrade from Electric Room Heaters.



BOILER GRANT SCHEME – Contribution required for all applicants

 Real Xmas Trees £9.99

What a bargain so rush down there before they all go.

I wish everyone a Nice Xmas and hope everyone enjoys the usual Xmas TV and Adverts every 11 minutes.

Thanks For Viewing

Carlo Lega


Carlo Lega Eco Lead Generator

8 Years’ Experience In Government Heating & Insulation Grants

I run the website and make people aware of the various Heating & Insulation Upgrades available from The Government.

Share and Enjoy !


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