ECO 3 Grants – Diary Sept 23 2021

ECO 3 Grants – Diary Sept 23 2021

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ECO 3 Grants 2021

Another honest and factual excerpt in the life of a sales agent who specialises in The Uk Government Grant Schemes To Upgrade Heating & Insulation for FREE for people who receive benefits.

Another month rolled by and soon be Xmas.

So……………… what has happened in the world of Eco ?

 Boiler Grant Scheme – Update

There is STILL a lot of resistance to customer contributions towards boilers on this scheme with the expectation from most applicants that it should be 100% free.

This is in spite of the scheme being advertised as a £399-£799 boiler scheme.

When I explain that it is a GRANT TOWARDS A BOILER due to government funding cuts, you can hear the disappointment in their voices and the obligatory “ I will come back to you” end to the phone call.

Given that across the UK, all companies HAVE to charge a contribution from £399 – £999 to make changing a boiler viable I am quite perplexed at customer attitudes.

 A new boiler is circa £2350 so paying a few hundred pounds towards it is not unreasonable.

How Is The Government Boiler Replacement Scheme Working Then?

My humble opinion is that people must be ringing around / applying online for a minimum of perhaps 5 times trying to get it free before being resigned to putting their hands in their pocket and begrudgingly agreeing to pay towards it.

Also many are making multiple applications to see who will do it cheaper.

I have identified this demographic and do delete on sight these time wasters! J

Not an easy ride for us lead gens and you really do need to be at the top of your game to make this very hard scheme to work.

Free Loft Insulation Grants Trial Again


As the last month or so has been pretty quiet I have dusted off my Free Loft Insulation campaign to see if there is any interest.

There is a small market out here but quite a few people are applying with 150 -200 mm insulation in their loft which does need a top up to 300 mm but OFGEM will not fund these for some reason.

The current rules do need changing as only existing 100 mm lofts qualify for Eco funding at the moment which really is silly.

OFGEM & BEIS do need to get their act together and get people from the real world to run their operations!

Insulation Installer Shutting Up Shop On Eco

W Hughes in Preston, one of the decent installers in Eco has shut the door on anymore Loft & Cavity installs under ECO.

 Rising compliance costs, poor rates per install as well as a lack of interest for free insulation from Joe Public have all contributed to their decision.

It is a shame but you cant blame their decision.

 They follow loads that have left the industry over the last 2 years due to the same reasons or even going under.

Best of luck to Carol & Kevin and the team.

Ring App

Being back on the road door canvassing for government grants over the last couple of months I have noticed a lot of properties now have the new app  “RING” as a doorbell. I estimate maybe 10 -20% of all houses now have them installed.

The benefits of always knowing who comes to your door ( the video images are sent to mobile phone ) are excellent and I may get one myself. I believe they retail between £100- £200 and seem to be very popular.

However, the downside for canvassers is that people can see you are a pesky  door to door sales person and loads choose not to answer the door !

 I may have to start canvassing with a large bouquet of flowers in hand. All the ladies will be rushing to the Door to answer.

We have to adapt to everything.

Clients of the month

Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

Client 1

I had one client call me to apply for a free storage heater grant and wanted the exact details of the make and model of the new thermostat and programmer that was fitted as part of the scheme!

 When I suggested (strongly) he needed to pay the full price for his new heaters ( i.e pay privately ) if he wanted to pick and choose, he ended the conversation!

Bye and thanks for calling

Client 2

I door knocked one house and pitched the government heating grant scheme to the home owner. After I had finished I asked if he had changed his boiler for a grant one as I had done a few in the street.

 He replied “ I have not changed it this year ! “ 

He must know of a yearly boiler exchange scheme.

 Talk about a disposable society.

An Unethical Application ?

I thought I had heard it all over the years but this one I am lost for words.

I canvassed a house and signed up a gentleman who stated his wife was in receipt of DLA and the boiler was over 10 years old.

I believe the installer attended the property and surveyed and were just awaiting the data match result.

It turned out that the wife failed data match due to the fact that she had died a few months ago.

Grants Currently Available 2021


FREE REPLACEMENT STORAGE HEATERS – Upgrade from Electric Room Heaters.



BOILER GRANT SCHEME – Contribution required for all applicants

Thanks for viewing


Carlo Lega Eco Lead Generator

8 Years’ Experience In Government Heating & Insulation Grants

I run the website and make people aware of the various Heating & Insulation Upgrades available from The Government.

If you receive a benefit  YOU COULD BE ELIGIBLE for 1 or more grants available under the Government Affordable Warmth Scheme

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