What is Being Done to Tackle Fuel Poverty?

The government introduced a fuel poverty target in December 2014 to ensure that fuel poverty households can receive financial assistance to improve their home’s energy efficiency to a minimum of a EPC band rating  of C  by 2030.

Private rented properties have been given a similar target with all rentals having to meet the minimum C by 2025.

Any properties that do not meet this band will be illegal to rent out after this date. Existing tenancies will need to comply by 2028


What Help For Heating Is Available?

Energy efficiency programmes have been created especially for fuel poverty households to help them with their heating bills and make fuel poverty a thing of the past.

You may want to see if you are eligible for any of the following:

Warm Home Discount,

 Cold Weather Payments,

 Winter Fuel Payment.

 Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

This is a programme  set in law that obliges energy suppliers to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes in the  form of free government grants to upgrade heating & insulation

.These are mainly for people on low income benefits.

Are There Any Bodies That Help the Fuel Poor?

National Energy Action (NEA)

Energy Action Scotland (EAS)

Both are national fuel poverty charities that are trying to end fuel poverty.

 NEA operates in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and works alongside Energy Action

Scotland who covers Scotland

These charities work hard to increase awareness and to aid the reduction of fuel poverty:

Campaigning on behalf of the fuel poor and help to develop government policies to tackle fuel poverty

See Our Fuel Poverty Video

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