Can I Get Free Storage Heaters?

Yes You Can . Read this blog.

Many properties in the Uk particularly flats are heated by electric storage heaters / economy 7 heaters which unfortunately is the most expensive form of heating at the moment. People regularly spend well over £25 per week just to heat their homes.

There is a government funded scheme available for people on low income benefits to replace them 100% FREE OF CHARGE


This blog hopefully will help you to BE AWARE OF THIS FANTASTIC GOVERNMENT GRANT FOR NEW STORAGE HEATERS for 2021 and also to help you make the most of your heaters as well as reducing reduce your bills.

Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff.

To make the most of having storage heaters as your main heating, you will need to be on an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff.

With Economy 7 & 10 tariffs, the electricity is supplied to your home at two rates:

  • Expensive ‘peak-time’ electricity  –  daytime  
  • Cheap ‘off-peak’ electricity.  –  Night time usually from 12 until 7 in the morning.

Both tariffs  come into play at night when electricity is cheapest so this is the time you should be charging your heaters up.

You could save two thirds of the price.

 Unfortunately, a lot of people are not aware of this and end up charging their heaters at the wrong time which can be very expensive.

How Do Storage Heaters Work?

The easiest way to understand storage heaters is to visualise them as a big rechargeable battery.

 They require charging every day and then they will discharge this stored energy contained within them throughout the day.

As  stated previously ,  you should program your heaters to charge up only when electric is at its cheapest which is during the middle of the  

You can charge the storage heaters in the day also BUT you will be charged the peak rate  which can be 2 thirds moore.

Do  storage heaters leak heat?

Eco3 Grants
Gov Uk Grants

Unlike a battery that retains a lot of its charge until used, the storage heaters will begin to leak heat almost immediately due to convection of heat that is stored in the bricks.

As a rough guide, a storage heater will lose the majority of its stored heat over a 12 hour period.

This means that if you get in from work at 7pm, the majority of useful heat will already have dissipated into the home leaving you to be cold in the evening.

You usually will need to switch on panel heaters or other heating to supplement this.

For this reason, storage heaters are not good for people who are out at work during the day unfortunately.

Insulation Is A Must

With electric being so expensive, a well-insulated house is a must to minimise any heat from escaping the property.

Grants are available for insulation too.

How to set up your storage heater controls

Most storage heaters have 2 key controls:

  1. Power switch – this determines whether you are using off-peak or  peak electricity to charge the storage heater

 Off-peak is considerably cheaper!

Input and output controls  

  1. The input control determines how much electricity the storage heater will use to charge

The output control controls the rate at which the storage heater releases heat into the room.

Best Practice For Running Storage Heaters

  1. The most effective and cheapest manner is to ensure is that you don’t use the peak electricity power switch unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Try to avoid using this unless in the middle of the winter when you need a heating boost.
  3. The idea is to make sure the storage heater only charges during off-peak hours.

During the winter

Set the input control to maximum to allow the most charging power to the storage heater.

 During the summer

You may get away with turning the input control right down (or even off), since you won’t need much heat for the home.

Turn the output to zero when you are not at home or when you go to bed.

Need new storage heaters?


Check if you are eligible for a Government funded grant to replace old storage heating before you go out and purchase some new ones. Most people are unaware of this storage heater replacement scheme which has been available for the last few years . You could qualify for this free grants from the government to replace all your old heaters 100% FREE!

If you receive a benefit such as disability or other non-working benefit, you should apply.

Just visit our grants page and fill in the form and we will be in touch shortly!

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