ECO3 Heating Grants

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Rishi Sunak the chancellor recently announced a new incentive for the UK to benefit from a new Government Energy Saving Grant Scheme to improve their homes energy efficiency. These schemes are nothing new and have always been known as the Warm Front Grant Scheme.

 2 Billion pounds worth of vouchers are available were due to be released to home owners in Sept 2020  –  There is only funding for  600,000 homes across England so we believe they will go very quickly.

Why A Eco 3 Scheme?

The aim of the scheme is to help homeowners and promote energy efficiency, but also to help boost the economy during the coronavirus pandemic by creating jobs. 

Is The Eco 3 Grant Scheme Available For All The UK?

The Eco 3 Grant Scheme applies to England only – Wales / Northern Ireland / Scotland are not included

How Does the Eco 3 Grant Scheme work?

Eco3 Grants
Gov Uk Grants

This Eco 3 Grant Scheme will assist eligible homeowners to help pay for environmentally friendly improvements such as loft, floor and wall insulation or double glazing to replace single glazing. 

You’ll have to apply for a voucher which will be issued to homeowners in England in September which can be used towards the cost of energy efficient improvements, which will cover a third of the cost up to £5000.

People on Uk Benefits will receive a grant of up to £10000 and will pay nothing.SEE ALL GRANTS AVAILABLE HERE

The Government will cover the full cost of the energy efficient improvements, so you won’t have to pay anything, and the vouchers could be worth up to £10,000 per household.

Only owner-occupied homes or park homes will be eligible. 

Eco3 Measures

Insulation  –     Solid Wall – Cavity Wall – Underfloor -Loft – Roof Room Insulation.

Low Carbon / Renewable Heating – Air-source / Ground-source heat pumps – Solar Thermal Systems.

( Note – low carbon heating is subject to you having adequate insulation in your home. )

If you already have these measures installed, you can use the vouchers to install top-ups (Nor replacement) for existing insulation needed to reach recommended levels.

  • Draught-proofing
  • Double or triple glazing, or secondary glazing, –  single glazing only
  • Energy efficient doors, – doors installed before 2002. 

New Heating controls and insulation

These include

Grants For Free Insulation (11)
Free Home Insulation

Note – You can only receive the same amount of funding for secondary measures equal to the amount you have spent for primary measures.

Who Is Eligible For An Eco 3 Grant

  • owner-occupied homes
  • shared ownership properties
  • Landlords of private
  • Park home owners. 

New-build domestic properties and all non-domestic properties, for example commercial premises, DON’T qualify.

Once the work is agreed, vouchers will start to be issued from “the end of September

Will any firm be able to do this – or just specific installers? 

Applicants will be offered a list of approved Trustmark or Microgeneration Certification Scheme accredited tradespeople who are registered with the scheme to carry out the work. 

What ECO 3 Grants Are Available At The Moment

Please Visit Our Home Page Here For A List Of Grants Available Now For People Who Receive Uk Benefits.

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