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Another month rolled by in the Eco Affordable Warmth Scheme and I am still eagerly waiting for ECO 4.

What has happened this last month?

Picked Up a Little

Applications for grants seem to be picking up and I have seen around a 50 % increase in leads which is encouraging.

The last 3 months have been very challenging and I have switched my campaigns off early many day days in disgust.

The fish were still swimming but were avoiding the net.

 Im pleased that the interest in grants is slowly returning.

ECO 3 installs drop since July

There seems to be a drop of around 40 thousand Eco Installs since the introduction of the new Retrofit rules which came into force on Aug 1.

If you look at the graph, there seems to be a mad rush to get jobs submitted, according to the July 31 spike.

Come the New Year there will be a massive increase in Eco rates when the Energy Companies  realise they will be paying massive fines for not hitting their Eco 3 targets.

Lets hope anyway 🙂

Eco Friendly Spray Foam

I had I gentleman call me for advice regarding spray foam insulation. He had sparay foam installed on the Green Home Grant scheme  4 months ago and had  received a call from some company offering to remove it and replace it with ECO Friendly Foam for Free!

ECO Friendly Foam my arse ! lol

I am not aware that Free spray foam grants is part of Eco anyway ( unless you know different ) and told him that I would tell them to Do One!

I am never surprised in Eco anymore.

Weekly Install Rate

Free Central Heating

This retrofit has affected many installers weekly install rate  ( WIR) .

Where before, installers were installing at the average rate of 1 per week ( in spite of the usual promised 5 per week  lol )  some are not managing that now. This has probably added maybe 2 -3 weeks onto install times with all the extra ventilation measures needed.

I do know a couple of installers who have stopped installing because of the threat of clawbacks with the new retrofit regime.

I cannot blame them really as the risk of not getting paid for work carried out must be massive.

Disabled Benefits -Bye Bye

Looking at Ofgem Response To The BEIS Consultation ( Consultation ? It was a done deal anyway ) people on disability benefits will no longer be eligible for Eco Grants from next April.

I can only see this an attempt to massage government figures / statistics for La Flex & LAD Schemes which is where disabled people will be forced into this route to obtain grants.

This will put more time on the process and will be more difficult for disabled applicants with all the extra paperwork and checks needed.

BEIS should be making the grants process as easy as possible but as usual the screw is turned every year making it more difficult.

Eco 3 For Northern Ireland

I have had a few enquiries just lately from Northern Ireland for heating grants and of course as there is no funding for this County ( ?) it does beg the question why.

I don’t think Northern Ireland has ever been allowed to access ECO Grants in all the 9 yrs I have been in Eco.

About time the Government looked at this as a bit unfair. Im sure Ireland would appreciate some free insulation and heating upgrades too.

If anyone know why, please let me know.

Mains Gas  Free Insulation

Green Deal Grants - Free Cavity Insulation
Free Home Insulation

Strong demand for these measures and I have recently restarted a gas campaign on atrial basis. I was surprised that there are still installers installing on gas properties ( detached only )  and have received lots of leads for them.

I have been disappointed in the past as many gas insulation  applicants were applying  only for installers to find that many were already insulated.

This measure being well hammered in the past and people may have forgotten they has already been installed.

Lets see how it goes anyway.

Spurious Grant Searches

Looking at Google searches while analysing my campaigns, it is very surprising what people are actually searching for. I think some people expect a government grant for everything in life!

Here are a few recent searches   :

  • grants for swimming pools
  • dental implants
  • doors and windows
  • free internet
  • twins
  • building a house

BEIS take heed of client demand please.

Client of the Month 1

Eco3 Grants
Gov Uk Grants

One client (chancer ) called me up with a  3 bed semi  and had been quoted £200 contribution for Worcester and could we beat it.

As the going rate would be around £600 for an Ideal Boiler I advised him to snatch their hands off. He wanted to use me as I had been recommended to him.

Nice Try

Client of the Month 2

Another client called me with a detached property that had been quoted £299 for a Worcester Bosch 42 CDI and could we beat it .

 Yeah right

Telephone leads are always very poor conversions as these are the people that phone 10 companies a day trying to beat the system.

Glad my boiler days are over anyway!

Finally  – ECO 3 Best Advice / Mantra

For all of you that are struggling with Eco 3 jobs trying to get them over the line, you may want to consider this:

 Better to do nothing and get paid nothing rather than do work and get paid nothing! lol

Thanks For Viewing

Eco 3 Grants Available In Eco  2021

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Free Home Insulation

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