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Eco 3 Grants – Another month rolled by and I am still here writing about the Eco Industry.

 I must get out more.

What has happened this month?

Eco3 Grants -Still quiet?

The 3rd month where grant traffic & applications have been very flat but…………………….according to Neil Patel ( digital marketing Guru ) most industries are experiencing a downturn in business as a result of the fallout from Covid.

See this post

Apparently it is only Retail, Travel & Transportation that are doing well at the moment.

Fear not, come October, Eco will be rocking again.

Eco 4 Consultations

BEIS are inviting people in the industry to take part in the consultations for Eco 4 which kicks in next April.

I have had a brief look through the 2500 page document and decided to keep my thoughts to myself ! J

The consultation is only a pre requisite anyway as the decisions will have already been taken so I wont be wasting my time.

Eco 4 Goodies To Look forward to.

A brief summary of what is coming in next year :

  • Disability Benefits Axed For Eco – loads of people on Carers Allowance / PIP / etc now cannot access ECO
  • 5000 Grant Boiler Cap (condensing Boilers ) Very few 5 year old boilers will be able to go to landfill from next year. J
  • Non Condensing Boilers – No Cap – Good policy
  • Electric Storage Heaters Back On The Menu – Hooray, finding genuine ERH leads is the needle in the haystack
  • Dual Boilers Discontinued – Hooray……………..insulating a suspended floor is madness anyway.
  • Ftch only for homes connected to the gas grid – shame but on the bright side, no more waiting for 6 months for Cadent to fit a supply & meter.
  • Funding directed at homes with an EPC between D –G – most homes built  pre 1980s will be eligible anyway.

Free Boiler & Free Service

Half Price Boiler

A lady called me to see when she would receive her free yearly service on her boiler that she had fitted last year on the grant scheme.

She could not remember the date she had it fitted but could I arrange the free service in the next few weeks please.

Apparently the company that had fitted the boiler (under the Warm Front Scheme) had promised her free boiler service for 5 years but had now gone into liquidation.


Boilers Discontinued

I have taken the decision ( very easy one too ) to discontinue the standalone boiler scheme, sky high contributions and low conversion rates have made this scheme no longer attractive to carry on with.

Indeed I can see a very poor return on Ad spend so it is time to say goodbye. I really can’t see people paying up to a £1500 contribution (and more) for a new boiler especially people on low income benefits unless of course the boiles has given up the ghost & they are desperate.

I believe they will have the free survey (that’s if installers are still daft enough to offer this) and then have another 5 surveys before finally succumbing to the inevitable and paying the fee.

I have always found that £599 contribution was the ceiling and then the conversions would drop like a stone.

Next please.

The Time?

I was out and about last week and an Argos delivery driver pulled up to ask me the time.

I told him it was between 8am and 1pm.

FreeLancer .com

I recently went on this website to hire someone to design me a landing page. How it works is you post the job you want doing and the “experts “bid to get the job.

You can pay by the hour or for the finished article. Freelancer takes a small commission from every transaction you make, e.g. deposits etc.

One lady accepted my job and told me she would design me a landing page exactly like the one I had shown her and then I would be able to edit copy at will.

I received the mock up 24 hours later and………………… it was nothing like the page I had sent her via a link!

Needless to say, she did not get the job.

The old saying …..a professional job means someone has done a job for money and does not mean the job will be any good!

Are there Enough Surveys for Eco?

Rachel Cole recently posted on Linked In about the surveys needed for an Eco Application for First Time Central Heating on a Local Authority programme.


  • A general needs assessment (required under the LA Scheme),
  •  An eligibility assessment,
  • A technical assessment for the heating,
  •  A general survey to identify the pre-requisites for insulation.
  • A Retrofit Assessment for the Cavity Wall Insulation, and Flat Roof Insulation
  •  A Retrofit Assessment for the FTCH.
  • A Cadent survey for the Gas Main.
  • Her Energy Supplier will go out to fit a meter,
  •  Technical Assessors to survey for the Retrofit Design.
  • A survey for ventilation for the Insulation,

 If the Retrofit Coordinator needs to attend she will have had 11 people cross her threshold for one grant application

 Approx 600kgs of carbon before we even get to installing.

I think the (customer)  drop off rate will be massive until the powers that be realise their stupidity and simplify the whole process.


Government Grants Available 2021

Free Storage Heaters

Free Home Insulation

Free First Time Central Heating

Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

Please see our Grants Page Here For Further Info

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