Eco 3 Grants Diary Sept 11 2021

Another month in the crazy world of Eco and what has happened that is worth reporting.

Installs Slowed Down

GreenHomes Grant
Green Homes Grant

Whilst I am pleased that Eco is picking up a bit, I do have a lot of leads still awaiting install. It seems that this retrofit lark is taking a long time for people to get their heads around and many lead gen are reporting a long wait to get paid.

I know some installers who have fitted nothing for the last 2 months which is not great and they are thanking God that pawn shops are still open for business ! 🙂

Another few weeks and we should start to pick up especially as the weather is turning.

Massive demand –EWI

Lots of calls regarding EWI. I have had lots of people enquiring for this with most people thinking that because they have a Green Homes Grant Voucher , they will get the whole of their house fully insulated for Free.

Many have been ringing round trying in vain to get an installer.

I always tell them to place the voucher in the nearest bin to save them a lot of stress ! lol

6 Months Left Of ECO 3

I am counting the days now when Eco 3 finally ends.

From a lead gen point of view, Eco 3 has been EXCELLENT FOR LEAD WASTAGE 🙁

Lots of failed applications which all have to be paid for in wasted advertising spend 🙁

Failed Applications List:

 Dual measures for boilers  

Failure due to : solid floors – customer refusal, – % of floor not eligible – property type not fully funded

 Central Heating : Failure due to : people applying with heating already fitted -LPG & Oil systems present – Gas Warm Air  Fitted – Flats usually not fully funded

Storage Heaters –

Failure due to : Funding only to replace panel heaters ( 90% of leads are for storage heaters )

 Bring On Eco 4 !

1 Year Worth Of Bills Needed for Storage Heater Exchanges

Ofgem , in their wisdom re now asking for 12 months’ worth of bills from each applicant to support their grant application for new storage heaters. 

I believe that they have found the odd 1 or 2 Electric Storage Heaters may have been incorrectly booked down as Electric Room Heaters by mistake ( The funding for true storage heaters is very low ) and this is their way to prevent this happening again.

Why OFGEM don’t increase funding for storage heaters is beyond me. Old storage heaters cost an absolute bomb to run and many people in fuel poverty have these fitted and so have to freeze.

OFGEM & BEIS would rather spend the money changing perfectly working boilers at 5 years old as well as paying big bucks to insulate suspended wooden floors.:(

Eco 4

Promises to be much better and to be positive ( for a change ) I am inclined to agree.

It promises to focus on fuel poverty homes (hooray I think they have finally got the idea from the industry ) that are in EPC band DEFG.

 Some other goodies on the menu:

·        Storage heaters back in favour and can be changed

·        Minimum 22000 homes will receive solid wall insulation and should be fully funded

·        4 billion extra funding over the next 4 years

·        People who qualify for the Warm Home Discount will be now eligible for Eco 4

·        LA Flex to receive more focus enabling people not on means tested benefits but on a low income to access grant funding.

The list is not exhaustive and still to be finalised but Im sure Eco will be a success this time

Spray Foam Insulation

 I had a gentleman email me complaining that the spray foam insulation he had fitted by Warm Front was affecting his ability to sell his house and could we assist.

As spray foam insulation has never been an EC0 measure ( to my knowledge ) I am assuming he is looking for a free removal by someone J.

I explained that he will need to remove it at his own cost ( possibly £1000 – £2000)

He was not amused.

Spray Foam Insulation- Is It Worth It?

Why people are spending up to £5000 to insulate between the loft rafters does seem like a complete waste of money to me anyway, unless of course you wish to keep the mice & squirrels warm in the loft. 

The whole idea is to have insulation on the loft floor to keep the expensive heat in your bedrooms and not allow it into the loft.

These spray foam companies must have excellent marketing people convincing people to part with up to £5 k ( cost is around £80 per square meter)  that has no real benefit to them when 6 rolls of insulation at £25 each will serve them a lot better.

Leads Grow On Trees

I am sure that some people think there is a tree in the garden where you can go and pick up leads on demand.

A lot of people do not realise that you have to advertise heavily to be successful and you can easily spend from £50 upwards PER DAY on generating decent leads. Indeed, some days Google trys its best to take £100 where possible! 🙂

It is essential that this is understood by installers and that a quick turnaround is necessary to ensure a regular and consistent supply of leads.

Waiting months for installs is not very fair on generators and I hope this post hits home where it is needed.

Government Grants Available 2021

Free Storage Heaters

Free Home Insulation

Free First Time Central Heating

Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

Please see our Grants Page Here For Further Info

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