ECO 3 Grants -Diary July 2021

ECO 3 Grants -Diary July 2021 – Trade In General

After quite a flat December I experienced a massive stampede in the first week of January when leads were flying in like no business.

It seems that the Xmas break had been good for the industry and people must have suffered a very cold Xmas ! lol.

It has settled back down again and in spite of the lockdown, leads are coming in again and I feel that it is better than the first lockdown.too.

Covid Restrictions

Eco 3 Grants
Eco 3 Grants

This is having an effect on surveys and installs with quite a few people postponing their booked in surveys for a later date due to isolating or fears.

I did have 1 installer turn up to 2 houses on the same day to fit storage heaters only to be turned away.

Having travelled for 2 hours I don’t think he was best pleased.

Perhaps everyone should confirm their installs the day before.

First Time Central Heating Grants – Delays

I have over 20 qualifying Central Heating leads that are still waiting for a gas supply / meter in excess of 2 months!.

Very frustrating to say the least.

Perhaps BEIS can do something to speed up the process as this is not acceptable and will not assist the statistics for central heating installs either.

1St Time Central Heating Installer

Going somewhat against my previous paragragh, I feel a special mention has to be given to an installer who seems to have the Central Heating installs to a tee.

Whilst many installers have struggled to get this EXTREMELY HARD MEASURE over the line ( I.e Installed ) Clever Energy in Bradford have got it nailed and have installed several jobs for me with others still in the pipeline and looking good.

Well done to them as I was losing the will to live with most leads going down over the last 6 months or so.

Solicitor Disclaimer

Eco3 Grants Boilers
Eco3 Grants Boilers

 I have had a few people contact me over the last few months requesting paperwork to do with their original Eco install of Cavity Wall Insulation & Boiler.

Apparently , if you are selling your house a lot of solicitors ( for the purchaser ) are asking for an indemnity against any future requests for payment for this work carried out as well as warranty paperwork too.

 ( A lot of eco applicants would not have a clue who carried out their free work or would be bothered with paperwork )

One client with a 6 year old boiler was not too happy .

If paperwork cannot be provided then the solicitor would want an indemnity document signing at the grand cost of around £150.

A new way of maximising solicitor income. Bless them.

Eco 3 – A successful policy?

From a Lead generator point of view , I do feel that Eco 3 has been the worst ill thought out scheme so far in 8 years of Eco. 

There does seem to loads of wasted time and effort by the supply & install chain to generate a successful install!

Indeed I would go as far to say that only 1 in 5 applications made by the general public results in a successful install. Perhaps I am being a bit optimistic too

I have made Eco work for me only because of my experience in knowing what leads are worth actioning due to the many that have failed in the past !

Evidence To Support :

First Time Central Heating

 Takes months to fit due to lack of infrastructure to fit a gas supply and meter to interested properties

Free Boiler Applications

These need to have the floor insulated to qualify – a lot of floors being solid or not able to have the required % of floor insulated so these leads end up in the bin too.

Storage Heater Grants

Thousands of expensive to run storage heaters cant be changed due to funding levels. All the money is being targeted at plug in room heaters which are very much in the minority. MADNESS

Free Loft Insulation Grants

Thousands of gas lofts cant be insulated as the funding to do the job only leaves the installer with a £10 profit!

The list goes on.

 Ofgem & BEIS need to get their act together and stop all this wasted money and time chasing needles in haystacks.


Green Homes Grant Scheme

This has received lots of bad press over the last few months with many installers still waiting for cash for work carried out. Many are owed Thousands with some having to lay off staff.

Many have downed tools now and are refusing to carry out any more work too.

The idea was not a bad one in principle, giving everyone a 66% discount on insulation and heating measures but it was very badly administrated with nearly everyone now losing confidence as well as the will to live too.

All the experienced lead gens in the industry have kept well away which says it all.

Customer Of The Month

Eco 3 Grants
Eco 3 Grants

 Storage Heater Complaint

I had a landlord contact me regarding his 3 rented properties that had recently had new storage heaters fitted under the free scheme.

Not very happy and said he would not be applying again with us.


The new heaters are smaller than the old ones and he has had to pay a decorator to paint the room as it looked odd!!

He did expect the installer to make good and did not see why he should have to pay.

As he had received over £4000 worth of heaters for free my heart did go out to him.


Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

Don’t forget to finalise this by today ( It may have been extended due to Covid ) as the Tax Man is waiting with his hand outstretched.

I got a £100 fine last year for being slightly late paying

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