Eco 3 Grants – Diary Aug 2021

Eco 3 Grants – Diary Aug 2021

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Another insight in the life of working in the Gov Uk Grants Industry.
Eco 3 – Insulation Focus
Eco3 Grants For Free Insulation
Free Home Insulation

I am hearing that from September this year Eco 3 is being rolled out with the main point focus being insulation measures.
This may spell the end of the mains gas Boiler Grant Scheme which in retrospect does not save a lot of carbon for the Utility companies.
I am starting to look at EWI and IWI which has not been well hammered and I feel that with a lot of though as well as experienced lead generators and top installers can make work.
I am hoping to put together a foolproof deal which I feel will be very popular mixing Green Deal with HHCRO.

WIll GD work this time?
I think so as long as certain processes are followed:

  • The credit search is a soft one for all applicants.
  • A guarantor ( landlord) agrees to underwrite this
  • All applicants to pay a £999 – £1499 deposit payable on the day of scaffold erection.

Boiler Grant Scheme Update

A new phenomenom has revealed itself over the last 6 months or so with regard to the boiler grant scheme and I working hard to counter it.
Since a client contribution has been introduced, I have found a lot of applicants are applying, having the survey and then …………stalling!
Very strange that they go to all the trouble of applying and then not booking their install in.
This is obviously down to paying the money over and is indeed a bridge too far for many.
Having to pay £600 -£1000 for new boiler is not the end of the world and I have had to introduce new procedures to minimise wasted surveys.

New Procedure For Boilers

Stage 1 – Applicant details sent to installer for Eligibility check ( data match ) no phone number supplied.
Stage 2 – I phone client with good news that they are eligible and that if they are ready for install and can pay likely contribution, they will be booked in for a ” Pre Install Survey”
Any uncertainty or not ready yet will result in the application being put on hold until they are ready.
My installers have been too nice but the worm is turning for the benefit of all.

Pay By Installments?

The boiler grant scheme never ceases to amaze me and this week 2 clients have applied, passed data match and had the surveys and ……………….. have asked if they can pay the £799 fee installments over several months!
The one client was very adamant that he would cancel if not allowed to pay in this manner.
I did not see this one coming and is a first in 5 years.
Where is the rope!

Client of the week

This one was a horrible lady who had applied on behalf of her mother. I sent in the application but she failed data match.
I courtesy called her with the news and she went absolutely crazy!
Her mother was DEFINITELY on Pension Credit Guarantee and that she had had a deemed score survey and that I was a conman etc.
I spoke to the installer who agreed to pick up the paperwork when installing and left it at that.
I was paid for the job so was surprised when the installer called me to ask if I would do him a favour and pick up the paperwork for him as he did not have it.
I attended the property and the mother let me in and called her daughter who came on the phone shouting and screaming ” how dare you enter the property blah blah blah and that she was sorting it out with the installer “
I called the installer who called her and then he too was subjected to a rant.
To date I dont believe she has supplied any paperwork and she has had a boiler under false pretences and the installer has assured he will be following this up.
I have agreed to help to ensure he gets paid for this job.
The lady herself will be liable and subject to litigation if paperwork is not supplied.

A most unpleasant lady in over 5 years in Eco!

Thanks For Viewing.
Carlo Lega

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