Eco 3 Grants – Diary Sept 13 2021

Eco 3 Grants – Diary Sept 13 2021

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Another month rolled around quickly in the world of ECO and I am still battling on with the free boiler grant scheme and electric storage heaters grants in spite of all the odds lol.

Home Energy Saving Grants are still very much being promoted to people who receive benefits and there is currently a big push on for carbon savings from the government.

Free Gov UK Grants Available For 2021

Free Boilers

Free Storage Heaters

Free Central Heating

Free Insulation

Warm Front Payments

Free Cavity Wall Insulation

Underfloor Insulation & Free Boiler Scheme

Eco 3 Grants
Eco 3 Grants

It looks like the uplift for UFI and boilers has been cut in half following the recent BEIS consultation which will make this dual measure less attractive for installers.

I have never been a fan of this measure and did struggle to get leads successfully installed. In fact I had loads of good leads go down which proved rather costly to me and I ceased all activity.

I wonder what they will bring in to replace it….. Outside drainage pipe insulation perhaps. J

RIP and sorry to see you go.

Multiple Grant Application For Loft  Insulation Lead

I had a call from an angry lead gen who was unhappy that I had taken an electric loft lead from him and got it installed quickly.

As you know lots of people apply with up to 5 different companies for grants (especially online generated leads) as is the nature of the beast.

 Knowing this, I ensured the loft got fitted quickly much to the avail of the other company who was not happy. (What a shame)

I lose up to 3 good boiler leads a week to other companies who apply with me ( I call them all personally and invest time and effort ) only to lose out when they decide to go elsewhere.

I take it on the chin and don’t cry about it like some. Boo Hoo! J

See Next Section

Instant Karma -Heating Grant Lead Stolen

This is true as further to my “winning the last electric lead” I had an installer turn up to fit an electric loft to find that someone had got in and already installed it!

What goes around comes around L

The moral of the story…………….. get your installer to install electric lofts as soon as the lead lands.

Cherry Picking Boiler Grant Installer Again !

Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

This time another boiler installer who had taken some leads a few weeks ago and had not updated me.

I realised something was wrong when a client contacted me to say she had not heard from the company. I contacted the company who promised to update me but never did.

They became VERY EVASIVE promising to return my calls as they always seemed to be in meetings / other excuses YAWN.

The MD did get rather annoyed after 5 calls in 2 hours and did eventually call me promising to look into it.

Another cherry picking unethical boiler company that failed to keep to agreements that resulted in me losing leads at my own cost due to their GREED.

Flat rate funding for any property type will stop this anomaly happening as Greed always seems to win and is very unfair on lead gens and clients who happen to live in low grant properties.

Free Boiler Adverts?

Still seeing lots of these adverts from companies who are keeping the FREE BOILER MYTH alive.

Companies advertise a free boiler and clients apply (expecting a free boiler J ) only to be told they have to pay a contribution !

Not surprisingly loads of these clients go elsewhere resulting in the company having wasted time and money for the advert on people who will not pay anything.

Indeed I do know of loads of people who have had (multiple) surveys ( at the installers cost ) only to be told that  they have to pay so they move on to the next company.


 I do admit I have tried this and wasted loads of effort and money but never again.

 Free does mean free for many people due to lack of funds / or being very frugal.

I advertise my scheme as a “Grant Towards A Boiler “ and people have to tick a box on my web form to say that they are aware they have to pay a contribution ( I stole this idea from Northern Gas Website ) and it works well.

I also state that free only / mid terraced need not apply due to high contributions.

Happy with this.

Client Of The Week

This is a landlord who applied for  the free storage heater replacement grant  for approx 10 of his flats / bedsits. Many qualified and the surveys were completed and booked in for install.

He then dropped the bombshell that he wanted Dimplex heaters (expensive premium heaters or he would cancel)

I believe the installer is appeasing him not wanting to lose the job (I would tell him to do one personally) and they are being fitted this week.

Greed pops up again unfortunately.

Oil Boiler Grants

I have had about 5 enquiries for oil boilers under the HHCRO Heating Grant  scheme over the last month.

Last year they would have been snapped up but it seems no one is taking them at the moment. One guy had applied with several companies to no avail.

I have managed to get one company to take a look at them but I believe the funding is that low that most will go down due to high contributions.

We shall See.

New Strategy For Phone Applications For Energy Saving Grants

Most people who phone in for Energy Saving grants are also phoning other companies too in order to get the best price or deal. I have deduced this over a period of years and I have found that I get exactly the same result (i.e  nothing ) by  not taking phone applications any more.

By far the most wasted time and effort is by taking leads by this method and I now invite all people to apply via the website.

No charge for this free tip J

Finally … My Prediction for ECO

I feel with all the recent publicity ( Labour reinventing the ECO Wheel too ? ) that we will see some much needed changes to the ECO Scheme with insulating the UK being at the top of the Agenda.

Getting the UK to zero carbon emmissions by 2030 needs a massive effort so the Government HAVE to put some new schemes and incentives in place.

My idea- start with all the Council Tax bands A & B and insulate lofts fully to 300 mm and insulate all cavities FOR FREE – NO BENEFITS NEEDED.

This will be a great success and will help everyone especially those in fuel poverty.

I do not require a consultancy fee for this gem of idea.


Carlo Lega Eco Lead Generator

8 Years’ Experience In Government Grants


Share and Enjoy !


Share and Enjoy !


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