Another month rolled by in Eco and what is there to report this time?

Eco Picked Up Yet?

Still finding it pretty quiet with leads still coming in at a snail’s pace. 🙁

It must be the trend and peoples interest is focused elsewhere and not on Eco.

I think I may retrain as a retro fit co ordinator at £80k per year which is the new kid in town and promises untold riches once qualified.

This is what Ive been waiting for all my life !

Back to reality……………………………………

New Pas 2019 Is here.

Its finally arrived for Eco and we will see what effect this will have on ECO delivery.

From a lead gen point of view, I can see a lot more lead wastage which will lead to extra advertising costs to get the same number of installs.

I see conversions reducing by at least 25% probably due to client refusal to have the extra ventilation work and of course the small properties which will not be viable for installers to action.

Early days but watch this space.

BTW , I have just bought a load of shares in Xpel Air.

Eco 4

I am hearing rumours/ snippets that Eco 4 will be a lot more insulation based and drum roll……………………..gas properties may be finally given funding to make the job worthwhile !  Hooray  J

Apparently properties in the EPC band D – G will be prioritised in Eco 4 so people in fuel poverty will finally be able to access Eco Funding.

Very sad to hear that Council Tax Bands E F & G may miss out on getting any freebies next year J

Nothing has been finalised but lets hope the rumours are true.

Client Of The Month – Free hall & stairs carpet

One of my insulation installers turned up to fit free insulation at one rental property and was approached by the landlord to see if he could possible wangle a free hall and stairs carpet for him while they was there.

I believe they are re- attending the property in the very near future with a book of samples so that the landlord could choose which carpet he preferred.

After all , he did do them a favour by letting them work on his property.

Lets hope the landlord is satisfied by the service provided. 🙂

Non Contactable Leads

This has always been a problem for web based leads where people will take the time to fill in a website form of 10 or more fields , but then will be uncontactable by phone.

This has driven me mad for a while and I have now tried to address this.

My new application page re iterates that they will be contacted by phone very shortly once we receive their completed form.

Any one that refuses to answer their phone will be tarred and feathered.

This should do the trick and I have ordered several barrels of tar.

New EPC Regs For Landlords In 2025

From 2025 all new tenancies on the market will have to be an EPC rating of C or above or they will not be allowed to be advertised as available to be rented out.

All existing tenancies will need to comply by 2028 too.

A large ask for a lot of solid wall properties that some will only achieve if they are completely knocked down and rebuilt ! lol

I can see DEAs being in great demand from 2025 especially if they specialise in a  “special EPC “ being introduced for rental properties. J

Roll on 2025.

The Bad Penny Is Back

AKA Naser Ali based in Birmingham, he reappeared on Linked In as ZIP Energy Eco advertising multiple electric property leads for Room in roof & Insulation.

 A well-seasoned conman who knew exactly what bait to use to generate a lot of interest in his offer.

He has conned a lot of people in the past by taking upfront cash for leads and not delivering.

Luckily he was spotted by Linked In regulars and was the subject of a Trader Alert to warn off any newbies from doing business with him.

Avoid this conman at all costs.

New installer reviews by lead gens.

Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

The long awaited and much needed reviews of eco installers is now live and available for viewing by bone fide lead generators.

This google spreadsheet has been compiled especially to rate the best installers in Eco and also to warn off those to be avoided.

Marks are being given for :

  • Speed of client contact & installs
  • Good or bad service & communication
  • Payment on time.

The lead gens do seem very reluctant to share the good installers though but are very vocal on not so good ones !

Makes interesting reading with a small number of companies appearing quite regularly in the bottom 10.

I will leave you wondering but no real surprises with some.

New Contribution Rates For Boilers

I have just has sight of new customer contributions for HHCRO boilers which should finally kill off this scheme.

A 3 bed detached starts from £600 and a 3 bed semi around £700- £900.

Indeed, it makes British gas boilers seem cheap!

I think the extra retrofit costs have been added which now makes the cost of a new boiler fitted in the scheme very unattractive and will lead to a massive drop of installs.

On the plus side, there will be no more 5 year old boilers being replaced for the sake of it and only completely broken boilers will now get replaced.

Government Grants Available 2021

Free Storage Heaters

Free Home Insulation

Free First Time Central Heating

Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

Please see our Grants Page For Further Info

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