ECO 3 Grants- Diary Sept 19 2021

ECO 3 Grants- Diary Sept 19 2021

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Another month rolled by, how is The Green Homes Grant Scheme in my world?

Online Searches

I am still finding it pretty quiet and other installers are saying the same thing too. Been quite flat for the last 2 months for some reason.

Lead volume is down for me by 50% in spite of a website revamp and other promotional activity.

Never mind, it will pick up soon.

The eternal optimist.

Green Homes Grant Voucher Anyone?

I had a gentleman contact me to enquire if I could arrange the fitting of a Air Source heat Pump as he had a voucher for £10 thousand pound.

He had a voucher sitting on his mantelpiece but has been unable to find anyone to accept it and install the pump.

I believe he had made numerous phone calls over the last few weeks to no avail.

I told him no one would take the risk and supply and fit a pump and wait to get paid and that the best place for the voucher would be the bin! J

Bring on the next government scheme.

Pay Per Click

I’ve noticed a few installers now doing PPC campaigns in order to get Eco leads for their business and get rid of lead gens! Lol

The price some are paying for some particular keywords (words that get searched often) are astronomical. I believe that because of reduced volumes, installers have upped their maximum bid price.

Some keywords are costing installers £4 plus to get on page 1 of Google! I have seen storage grants keyword at £4.50 on some days.

You do need deep pockets these days to be up with the big boys! Lol

Contract Needed

One thing that has long been needed for Eco is some sort of contract putting together for all Grant Scheme applicants in order to put an end to all the wasted deemed score surveys that are being carried out every week only for the client to cancel their install / not proceed with the application.

Clients cancel because …………………….they can !

It is no skin off their nose for them to have multiple surveys or decide not to go ahead with an install as there are no financial penalties.

This does need addressing.

A simple contract which the applicant signs at survey which commits them to the install or paying a £ 99 survey fee if they have to cancel for any reason will put an end to people wasting installer’s time and resources.

I am sure someone can put together something for the future.

Pas 2035

The long awaited Pas 2035 comes in in July and promises to disrupt ( or demolish )  the Eco industry in a big way.

New ventilation requirements which seem to be the main focus will affect install volumes and reduce the profitability of a lot of measures if rates are not increased significantly.

There has been little info or chatter about rates so it looks as if the funders and utilities are testing the water somewhat to see what they can get away with.

I can see a reduced install volume of at least 25 % with gas heated properties taking the main brunt. This will be the end of gas lofts as a certainty.

Not good news for the industry.

Clients Of The Month   NUMBER 1

I had 1 lady contact me regarding a complaint about the number of storage heaters she had had fitted on the free scheme.

She felt she was entitled to another heater free and had been contacting the installer to put forward her demands but was rebuffed. She then turned her attentions to me as I had originally received her application and forwarded it onto the company.

I politely explained that she should contact the government as they set out all the rules for the scheme.

This did not placate her and she contacted me another 3 times before I told her to be grateful for what she had received for FREE and that perhaps she should buy her own heating in future.

The world DOES owe a living to some people apparently. J

Clients Of The Month   NUMBER 2

A landlord contacted me for new storage heaters who asked me lots of questions about the scheme and that it was very important to him that he his tenant would not be messed about as she was his best tenant blah blah blah.

I assured him that all installers used were government approved and that if his application was successful, he would be very pleased with the service and freebies.

The job was duly sent in and the installer carried out the survey.

Receiving an update I was very surprised / dismayed to find the job had been cancelled due to Health & Safety reasons.

 Apparently some rooms had dog faeces present!  So much for being the best tenant! lol

Deposit Scheme

I was speaking to 1 installer who is not happy at the number of boilers surveys he is doing only for the client not go ahead with the install after giving them the price of their contribution.

He is spending up to £200 for deemed score survey and tech survey only for the job to go down.

I have advised him to bring in a £10 deposit for all applicants with a NO DEPOSIT –NO SURVEY POLICY from now on.

I have been doing this for a while and IT WORKS.

Hope he brings this in soon to put an end to SURVEY AND GO!

Free Boilers Scheme

Im still getting calls from people who believe the boiler scheme is still 100% free.

Old habits die hard and lots will not pay the contribution. This seems to be mainly telephone applicants who must be ringing round in the hope that they will strike gold eventually.

The only chance of a totally free boiler is if the floor can be insulated or they have a six bed detached property.


ECO 3 Grants Available


FREE REPLACEMENT STORAGE HEATERS – Upgrade from Electric Room Heaters.



BOILER GRANT SCHEME – Contribution required for all applicants

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