ECO 3 Grants -Diary Oct 22 2021

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Another month or so rolled by . 

What’s happened recently in the world of Eco Government Grants?

Eco 3 Grants Scheme

Lots of interest in these grants and I am still getting a few calls about this as well as people not on benefits applying for grants via my website.

A lot of people are under the impression that :

  • The grant will be 100 % fully funded i.e FREE
  • Boilers will be included
  • Free Solar will be included.

Whilst good for generating publicity for Government Grants, I feel this will be massively oversubscribed with lots of people being disappointed at not being able to get  a voucher and installers giving out lots of free quotes without a return.

The government would have made better use of taxpayers cash by investing in a house building program instead of subsidising those who probably don’t need the cash.

This will be great for the UK and each house built would possibly achieve a return of 25% which could go back in the pot to build more.

Common sense sadly lacking though as usual! J

First Time Gas Central Heating Grants

I have been focusing on this the last 2 months or so to very mixed results. It has been a steep learning curve and not easy at all.

A few issues encountered :

  • People applying that already have CH fitted – my website does specifically state it is a first time heating grant only
  • People applying that are 100 miles from the nearest gas grid J
  • Lots of applicants on electric having to wait up to 8 weeks for a gas meter / main to be fitted
  • People with existing Warm Air Systems not being eligible.
  • Average install times being 4 -6 weeks – a long time to wait to get paid L

Its not an easy ride at the moment but Im sure it will get better.

Eco3 Grants
Eco3 Grants

Didn’t tell her about FTCH

I had a call from a rather irate lady who had applied for free storage heaters on my website and had successfully had them installed a few months ago.

She was unhappy that she had since found out that she could have been eligible for free central heating and that I was negligent for not offering this to her.

As I have only been doing CH for the last 2 months I was not able to offer this at the time of applying.

She wanted the storage heaters removing and central heating fitted.

Oh Dear !

Website Grant Applications

I wish to highlight this strange phenomenon where some people ( Approx 15 -20% of all applicants )

Go to the trouble of visiting my website, and fill in a form of Approx 10 fields ( which does take 2 minutes ) only to be UNCONTACTABLE.

These people will not be contactable by phone and will ignore emails and text messages by installers who are desperate to book them in for a Free Energy Saving Grant.

If anyone knows the reason why, please contact me.

Boiler Grant Scheme

I  am doing quite well with this at the moment and conversions are getting higher.

 I am marketing the Boiler Scheme as a “ Boiler For £399-£799 “ Scheme and people seem to be happy to pay this.

The die hard Free Boiler brigade who are still living in the past do try it on still but I feel that most applicants are resigned to paying a small contribution by now.

They have probably got fed up of applying 50 times in the hope of a freebie. J

All you installers should try this as it does work.

C& T Eco Consultants

I have to say that this company ( as well as a few others ) need singling out as an excellent company to deal with.

A very well organised company with payments, installs, updates being like clockwork.

Happy to give them a mention and recommendation too.

Average Eco Rates For Leads

What seems to be the going rate at the moment for leads (that get fitted ) are :

First Time Central Heating – 3 -5p LTS

Standalone Boilers –   £200 – £300 Flat Rate

Dual Boilers 2.5 -3.0 p LTS

Electric Lofts     4 -5p LTS

Storage Heaters 2- 3P LTS

Room In Roof 3p -5 P LTS

Iwi –           3p -5 P LTS

Gas Lofts & Cavs – 4 p LTS

Thanks For Viewing

Carlo Lega Eco Leads


8 Years’ Experience In Government Grants

If you receive a benefit you should check out our home page as YOU COULD BE ELIGIBLE for 1 or more grants available under the Government Affordable Warmth Scheme

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