Top 3 Boiler Grant Schemes – Government Funded -[Updated Dec 2021]

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The Free Boiler Scheme

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme

The Part Funded Boiler Grant Scheme

What Are Boiler Schemes -Are They A Scam?

Top 3 Boiler Grant Schemes – Free & Part Funded

Boiler schemes are certainly not a scam !

I have worked on the boiler schemes over the last 7 years and found them very much to be very genuine. I estimate over 1.5 million boilers have been changed under the scheme for free or part funded.

The top 3 Top 3 Boiler Grant Schemes over the last 7 years which have been the most popular are

The Free Boiler Scheme

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme

The Part Funded Boiler Grant Scheme

The Free Boiler Scheme

The free boiler scheme was launched in January 2013 with an aim to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and provide grants to low-income households in order to help them improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The Free Boiler scheme was massively popular and over 3 million boilers were exchanged whilst it ran until 2017 until the government cut the grant and made everyone pay a contribution towards their new boiler.

Many people enjoyed a brand new boiler & new controls for 100% free and lots of expensive backboilers were also exchanged for a combi too.

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme

This scheme is now closed but was very popular with the public as they did not need to be on benefits to qualify for this grant.

The government were offering a £400 voucher to all applicants so they could scrap their old boilers and swap them to a new A-rated model. Over 2 million boilers were scrapped before this scheme ended in 2018.

Boilers needed to be over 10 years old to qualify.

There is talk that this grant was returning but we believe the voucher would only be applicable to hydrogen boilers or electric heat source pumps due to the move away from gas & fossil fuel heating.

The Part Funded Boiler Grant Scheme

This Scheme is ongoing with boilers being exchanged without an insulation measure as long as the applicant is prepared to pay a contribution.

The contribution is usually between £499-£999 for a straight swap

There are not many installers doing this scheme now and it is due to end in march 2022.

Who Qualifies For The Government Boiler Schemes ?

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To qualify for the government boiler schemes, you must be a home owner, and the existing boiler must be over 7 years old or more.

Someone in the property will need to be on a qualifying benefit too.

Since 2017 ,if you are a landlord or private tenant, you will no longer be eligible to apply.

Does The Boiler Have To Be Faulty to Be eligible ?

Yes – The existing boiler being scrapped must be either broken or have a fault found to be eligible.

 A-rated boilers have efficiency rates of 90% or higher. They use less fuel than G-rated boilers and therefore cost less to run.

The financial benefit to householders is cheaper fuel bills. The government estimates an average saving per year of £235.VISIT OUR BOILER SCHEME PAGE HERE

Are There Any Free boiler Schemes for 2021

At the time of writing there are some free boilers still available but to be eligible, you need to have an insultion measure fitted at the same time making it a dual measure.

However, there are currently lots of companies still advertising the free boiler scheme as a way of getting through the door to customers and then hoping the client will be talked into paying the contribution

The current boiler scheme requires all applicants to have an insulation measure to get the boiler 100% free . This is usually Floor insulation or cavity wall .

People are still searching for a free boiler and so it does make sense for companies to take advantage of this.

However, for over 95 % of properties , all clients will need to pay a contribution towards the boiler . Usually around £500 but some detached properties will pay less or even Free.

We do not operate this FREE BOILER scheme so please do not apply with us if you are not willing to pay anything thank you.

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