Are There Any Eco 3 Grants Available for Landlords ?

The good news is yes !

There are currently a number of home improvement grants & heating & insulation grants available from the government for landlords and private tenants in the UK, which in many cases will be 100% Free Of Charge.

Grants are available for landlords to reduce energy bills and make their properties more sustainable. These Green Deal Grants For Landlords are an affordable way to get your rental properties ready for the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) without having to spend your hard-earned cash.

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Landlord Grants For 2021

Grants currently available under the Green Homes Scheme For landlords / Eco Scheme are heating & insulation upgrades of which access to them for free will depend on if the tenant residing at the property is in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

What Grants Are Available For Landlords & Tenants On Benefits?

All grants for insulation and heating  grants available to private landlords and private tenants are subject the  property  having an EPC rating of A, B, C, D or E.

If the property is currently F & G rated, you will need to fund improvements yourself to get the rating up to an E before you can access any grant funding.

The main grants available are for Electric Heated Properties Only 

  • Free Replacement Of Old Electric storage heaters
  •  Free First time central heating – the property must not have had central heating previously
  • Loft insulation  the existing insulation must be i 100mm or less
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation – for solid wall properties  
  • Room in roof insulation

Are There Landlords Grants For Double Glazing ?

Unfortunately , there is no current funding for double glazing , new windows or new doors. Theses measures do not save any carbon and so are zero rated for government grant funding.

Are There Any Boiler Grants For Landlords?

The boiler grant scheme for landlords ended in 2017 so unfortunately boilers are the one heating measure that is unavailable to the private rented sector. All landlords will need to seek their own funding if they need a replacement boiler.

Are There Any First Time Central Heating  Grants For Landlords?


Provided the property has no history of having central heating fitted, you will be able to apply for this measure. You will save yourself up to £4000 for a new central heating system as it is usually 100 % Free.

Are there any new Home Improvement Grants for Landlords?

Other home improvement grants available to landlords include funding for HMO conversions and the renovation empty properties for use by tenants.

What other heating grants for landlords are available?

Free replacement of old storage heaters. Many rentals are heated by expensive electric so this grant to replace old heaters will greatly benefit your tenants in reduced bills.

Are There Any Insulation Grants for Landlords ?

Yes. If the property is heated by electric storage heaters, landlords can apply for Room In Roof Insulation & Internal Wall Insulation , Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation.

Why Are Landlord Grants Available?

 Whilst many people feel that landlords shouldn’t have access to public funds in the way of grants  (mainly because they have built up a substantial amount of equity in the property and should pay for their property improvements themselves ), many tenants  in fuel poverty would benefit greatly and would otherwise live in substandard accommodation.

Minimum EPC Standards For  2025

It is a good idea for Landlords to consider upgrading their properties as 2025 there are new EPC regulations coming in which require all rented properties to be a minimum EPC Rating of C.

Whether this is achievable is another thing  ( many properties  including 100 yr old ones will never get up to this standard without demolishing and rebuilding ! ) but the Government is going to push this through regardless

Please read our blog post here

What Is An EPC Rating

All homes are given an energy rating once an EPC assessment has been carried out by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor.

 An ‘A’ rating is the best and ‘G’ is the worst.

The cost of an assessment is usually around £50

How Can You Make A Property Energy Efficient?

This can be a very expensive task particularly in older properties but having loft and cavity wall insulation installed should be the first port of call.

These measures not only helps to increase the property’s value, but has also become essential if landlords wish to improve the saleability of the property.

All  landlords & tenants and rental properties could be eligible for energy-efficiency grants available under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

This can save you thousands of £ if you are found to be eligible.

Is It The Landlord Or Tenant That Can Apply For Grants?

 Rented properties where tenants have claimed the qualifying  benefits within the last 18 months will be eligible for these grants. Both parties can apply apply with each others consent.

 Qualifying benefits include:

  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Child Benefit *
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Universal Credits
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
  • Working Tax Credits

Child Benefit Only Is subject to below income thresholds

 Number of children
Single claimant income≤ £18,500≤ £23,500≤ £27,500≤ £32,000
Member of a couple combined income≤ £25,500≤ £30,000≤ £34,500≤ £39,000

LAD Schemes- No Benefits Required

Rented properties where benefits are not claimed may also be eligible.

 The residing tenants do have to meet the  local authority criteria rules  to be  eligible for the scheme.

These rules vary by each local authority and will have a statement of intent that details their individual rules.

Do check with your local council.

 How do I  apply for a grant as a landlord?

Please visit our Grants Page Here

Our grants for Landlords page has all the  information on what grants are available to you .

If you wish to apply you will need to fill in the short form. Your tenants full name and date of birth together with all landlord details will be required.

We also request that all landlords can make themselves to be available for surveys and installs should your tenant / property be found eligible for a grant /grants

 we’ll check what grants your rental property could get. In addition to having access to Energy Company Obligation funding, we offer a fully managed service so we can take you all the way from application to installation (sometimes within a week!).

Landlord Grants – the process

  1. The Landlord or tenant completes our short application form.
  2. We check if your tenant is eligible and if so ,we forward the application to an approved installer.
  3. We carries out a full property research, to see what measures will be viable at the property
  4. Our Install partner books a free survey (usually within 7 days of applying )and gathers all relevant paperwork
  5. Following successful survey the  installation is booked.


How do I know if my application has been approved or not?

You will be contacted within 7 days. If not , please call our helpline for details.

What Paperwork Is Needed

Landlords are asked to complete permission paperwork to authorise work to be undertaken. In some cases, the application can be approved within a few days and the install can take place within a week.

The scheme is administered by OFGEM (the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). OFGEM’s role is to protect consumers and ensures that tenants and landlords are being treated fairly. Apply for grants directly BELOW

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